our space: a webring

Our Space is a ring of static sites created by the individual who runs it - personal, hand-crafted sites. They were more common during the early stages of the internet ~ in fact, most pages were static, personally crafted homepages. Such sites still have an important place on the internet - possibly more important.

In an internet dominated by social media, having such a site is an act of revolution. It gives us a space for individuality and unfettered creativity. Such sites are often difficult to find. They don't typically show up on the front page of google, and the average web user may not realize they even exist.

That's why this webring was born - so we can easily find other sites created in this spirit.

All sorts of sites are accepted: homepages about you/your cat, hobby sites, personal art portfolios, etc. The only rule is your site must have been created by you.

Signing up is simple - copy a code and fill out a form. Not only will you be able to find others online, you'll gain more visitors as this ring gains traction. You don't need to be the most skilled web designer!

get the code

Copy + paste this code onto your website. After it's in place, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Make sure it's visible on the same page you sign up with ~ and be sure to place it BEFORE you sign up. If I visit your site and this is not visible, I won't be able to add you to the ring :(

sign up

Before you fill out this form, make sure the webring code is on your main page (it's at the bottom!) The URL you submit should be the same page with the code - it will be the entryway to your site, after all.

Once I've received the completed sign-up form, I will check out your site, add it to the ring, and send you a confirmation e-mail!